How we take our member through a weight loss process that sticks.

We all want results. Getting results that last is a whole other ball game.

Our program is a delicate balance of results and sustainability. Because if you focus only on results, you might not keep them. If you focus only on sustainability, you might never reach the results you desire.

The following is how the BODZii Nutrition program balances data driven phases with personalized coaching to give you the best of both worlds — results and sustainability.

The first phase we call the Discover phase because, well, we do just that. We discover you. This phase is all about learning…

Why waiting for January to start your resolution is the best way to fail.

I want to talk about an objection that I get all the time when discussing nutrition with people. The conversation is always hilarious to me. Because we can talk for an hour straight about their goals, what they want, how bad they want it, how much and how long they’ve tried leading up to this moment in order to get it and then one sentence can make the entire conversation absolutely null.

“But the holidays are coming up… so I’m not going to do anything yet. I’ll wait until January.”

Excuse me while I slam my head into the wall.

And how another one kept me going.

Have you had that moment where as soon as you said something out loud or put it out into the world, it all of a sudden felt true? Like the fact that it only existed inside your head up until this point meant that it didn’t really exist at all. It’s a sad thought — to think that something that only exists within our own mind doesn’t have any value. But it’s the way we see ourselves. …

Photo by Yuris Alhumaydyon Unsplash

As the seasons change and the days become shorter many of us suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). It can happen to many of those who don’t suffer Mental Health Issues the rest of the year. One of the most difficult symptoms of depression is a lack of motivation. It’s not that we don’t want to feel better, we just lack the physical motivation to move and the emotional motivation to care if we move. Everything seems so difficult. Everything except staying under a warm blanket, hand on the remote, doing nothing, thinking nothing, feeling nothing.

While we might not…

You’ve started a new job, you’re moving, work is causing you to travel more often, you’re visiting family. These are all fantastic reasons to put your diet and personal wellness progress aside. The last thing you want to do is be focusing on things like eating healthy or sleeping enough when you have so many other more important things on your plate. I mean, who has time to meal prep anyway?

Hopefully you’re not nodding your head in agreeance with the above paragraph. However, I wouldn’t be surprised nor would I judge. It’s something I not only come across on…

Every person looking for a workout program, diet plan, meal chart, new low-fat recipe or new detox wants one thing — results. There’s something important here we need to remember.

There’s getting results, and then there’s keeping results.

So how are you going to make sure that you’re leading your client (or yourself) to achieve something that lasts?

A personalized approach to coaching simply cannot be done if you do not know who you’re trying to coach. Period. …

Self-love and body positivity culture has been one of the best things that could have ever happend to the world of dieting. No longer are men and women tied to a single goal and no longer is eating healthy and working out tied to just one thing — the number on the scale.

We’re starting to embrace the multitude of ways we can measure our personal progress.

To get a full 360 degree look at someones progress, however, we need to take a look at both the subjective and the objective data. …

I’m in the middle of running a 28 day nutrition and lifestyle challenge. To say it’s going well would be an understatement.

Each day I’ll hop on the Facebook group where we share our successes and I’ll get them to share a win they had over the weekend. One comment read,

“I don’t think my diet is where I want it to be. Mostly because of lack of discipline with Canada day and the holidays. But my biggest achievement in the past 2 months is giving up sugar almost completely. I went 1 month and 4 days without getting anything…

Why Your Workouts Aren’t Getting Your To Your Goals

There are two reasons why people will hit the gym every day. The first is because they genuinely love it. To those people I say — get outside and pick up another activity or challenge yourself in a different way.

The second person is the person who wants to lose weight. To that person I say — working out isn’t going to give you the results you want if you’re not practising proper recovery and rest as well.

Highly driven and goal focused people will tend to be those who hit the gym every day looking to take a step…

The decision to go to bed early is the catalyst in making a days worth of good decisions. Let’s get into this right away, shall we?

Let’s go through the basics of our hunger hormones and particularly how they are affected when we don’t get enough sleep.

There are three hormones to talk about here — grehlin, leptin, and neuropeptide Y.

Ghrelin is a multifacted gut hormone that’s released by the stomach, the pancreas and the brain. One of its main roles is to tell us that we’re hungry. So it would make sense that ghrelin levels are at their…

Robyn Shaw

Owner of BODZii Inc — Wellness Leader — Nutritionist — CrossFit Coach

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